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The past is a funny thing

Rayne lay staring at her bunk room ceiling. She couldn't sleep.
She shut her eyes listening to the faint sound of Sherman snoring slightly and sighed. She hated being on top bumnks but he insisted she sleep on the top so he had an easier time defending her - should the situation arise.
She hated not having her own space but knew her pa would have a fit if he knew she wasn't protected while she slept. Even IF she was with people who seemed genuine and kind.

She rubbed her arm as her thoughts went to lily and her injuries. She cringed and grimaced as she briefly recalled how many wounds she had inflicted on herself. She hadn't seen that kind of mutilation since she was a child. But caught herself in her thought tracks before she went to a place she hadnt been in a long time.

Anxiety started to overcome her and adrenaline started pumping through her veins. She rubbed her face with her right hand, her forehead was beginning to sweat and her hands felt clammy. She tried to calm herself down with steady breathing but knew it wouldnt work.

She threw her sheet off her and carefully, as carefully as she could while shaking, climbed down from her bunk. She leaned her forehead against the wall and shut her eyes. She so desperately wanted to punch the wall but didnt want to wake sherman up. So after taking a quick glance at his sleeping body and writing a short note saying "gone for a walk. If not back by breakfast come find me. Rayne" she quietly left the bunk room to go for a walk to try calm herself down
Blood doesnt make you family, loyalty makes you family - Mel
Dont forget your past. Its what made you who you are now. - Rayne