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Doing the rounds

Tobias was thirsty. He had specifically told Eva to make sure that there was a steady supply of tea going to the cockpit as he had planned to stay there until they lightened their load on Summerfair. He knew his first mate had passed this job almost immediately to Lily but it would seem she had also decided to shirk this duty, most likely to tend to the refugees. Tobias had only let the Fawn be used in such a way because Eva wouldn't stop whining at him if he didn't.

It would still be hours until they could land safely on the moon. While his contact had guaranteed the Alliance would be looking the other way, they needed a plausible reason to be actively looking else where and the window of time they had to land was further away than the travel time. Sighing with irritation he opened the door and left the cockpit.

He stalked past the other crew compartments, noting that Tara appeared to starting on Llyod's treatment. He had not yet passed on the information about his PTSD and sudden attachment to Sarah; an attachment which was probably the only reason both her and the security guard, Ridgie, were still alive. He briefly considered joining them but dismissed it. He was not easy to get on with at the best of times and now that there was no place on the ship he was free of the stench of refugees he would be detrimental to the sniper's recovery.

Resisting the urge to hold his breath, the captain mounted the catwalk above the cargo hold, which was now a sea of 60 bodies. Tobias scanned his eyes over them to find the exhausted visage of his cortexer, Lily.Tobias was have opened fire into the crowd then if not for lack of his weapon and that the damage to Lily was purely self inflicted. Mr Irvine Senior had gone to great lengths to ensure Tobias knew to treat his crew well and guard them violently, if needs be. Clearly his father had seen the monster in him earlier than others and did his best to divert his fate from full on serial killer, a goal many would argue he failed, but the lessons were deeply engraved in his being as the rich doctor had found out on Belairaphon [sp].

Finally he entered the galley and started making several pots of tea to take back to the cockpit, along with a couple of sandwiches. While less than a day away from having his ship back the temptation to open the cargo door was hard to resist on an empty stomach.