Post Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:45 pm

Looking after Refugees

During the trip back from Shadow Lily will spend almost all of her time helping to look after the refugees. She helps with first aid for those who need it and also starts keeping a database of everyone they have on board in the hopes of using it to help them find other survivors once they are dropped off, or relatives elsewhere. Even once they are all fixed up she still spends a lot of time with them, especially any children who have lost their families. She tells them stories, sings to them and generally tries to keep their spirits up. On the whole she doesn't seem to be sleeping much and is practically running herself into the ground looking after everyone else instead.

She doesn't so much fall asleep as pass out from exhaustion occasionally and then goes right back to pushing herself too hard when she wakes. Whatever small amount of money she has she seems to be using to try and find families to take the children who have lost theirs. Not offering it to them to take them, but seeing if anyone is willing to look out for them and then giving them a small something to help if they do.

If it was possible for her to do more for the refugees than she is doing it would be hard to see how, but something about the way she looks and acts seems to suggest that nothing she could ever do would be enough as far as she is concerned.