Flight from Shadow

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Re: Flight from Shadow

"It's good to be back, honestly I thought I wouldn't be though when the mortar shells started raining down. But here I am, just about."

He throws back the whiskey very quickly, obviously trying to clear his mind of things but struggling to do so.

"Frankie huh? You'll have to forgive me if I keep referring to you as Sarah from time to time. Old habits die hard and all that."

He turns and smiles at Henry, knowing what sort of job he'd have pulled to get the ship working as it was with all the refugees on board.

"So you've been busy while I've been away then? Keeping out of trouble I hope, besides sorting out the atmo controls for all these extra passengers."
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Re: Flight from Shadow

"Damn, I nearly forgot again." Tara gets up and rummages in a locker for a short time before returning with something in her hand.

"Lloyd, I was so busy in the kitchen I forgot to give this to you at Christmas. This seems as good a time as any to do so."

She hands him a package wrapped in shiny paper "Happy Christmas."
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Re: Flight from Shadow

Sarah smiles and sips her whisky, which is actually quite nice. She is so pleased Lloyd has friends/family who are going to help him, and is well aware that fixing up the cybernetics and setting bones is only half the way back. Maybe not even 10%, actually. She vaguely wonders if the other subjects had friends like these too. It said not on the forms, they were all orphans, lone migrants, mercenaries, that kind of thing. She hates it when people lie on forms.

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