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A word with Mei

Tobias had been deliberately waiting for a time when Mei was alone since leaving the hospital on Bellaphon. She was now merely a guest following the events that occurred but Tobias had insisted that she remain on the Fawn while John seemed so intent on having file beta on the Roisin.

"Did you know that on every single planet has life even in the deepest ocean? It's the craziest thing considering that the entire planet seems to be again them. Unbelievable pressure, intense cold and not to mention the complete lack of...", the captain paused, looking almost sad, "Light. You see, they adapted and thrived. Oh, not by the standards of anything that can see the light. But thrive all the same. They became, hideous, terrifying creatures. Gone were the aesthetic designs of God. Their entire bodies were twisted into something for only one purpose. To kill. Over time the very pigment in their skin disappeared, it being no longer needed. Most of them can no longer survive if they touched for a moment by the rays of any sun, so completely would it's pureness destroy them."

Throughout this monologue, Tobias had been meandering about the hold, seemingly not caring if Mei had been paying attention to this sudden exposition. But now he had stopped and looked her dead in the eye with a seriousness that only his victims have ever seen.

"You may wonder why the sudden interest in marine biology. The answer is simple. Back on that island you asked to be present while i tortured a man to death. I tell you about these creatures not as a whimsey but to draw a comparison. Only in this case it is the light that would perish if it ever saw the monster. I hurt that old man but the good doctor stayed my hand. Not one of you knows the true face of the monster but i promise you. You will see it if you are present when I get to work on your Admiral friend. He *will* die. The moment you asked it of me there was only ever one way it could ever end. The question is, when you illuminate the true face of evil, will you run back to the light or will you thrive at the bottom of the ocean."

The tall man let a wan smile play about his lips, sighed, and made his way back to the cockpit