Post Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:37 pm

As Christmas Approaches

The atmosphere on the ship was getting more and more festive as Christmas approached and it was harder and harder for Lily to hide from it all. Usually this would have been one of her favourite times of the year, setting up a tree and going shopping for presents. Not to mention the food, time with family and many good things. All of this was the problem really.

She smiled sadly as she sat on her bunk looking at her photographs. It was hard not to think of them right now, wondering whether or not they were OK. If they had grown any bigger, if they were eating healthily enough, whether or not they missed her, what they thought of her leaving. There were so many questions swimming around inside of her mind, ones that she couldn't find the answers to, not unless she was prepared to risk him finding her and she certainly didn't want that.

So instead she hid in her work, fiddling with the Cortex systems, building her own little projects and seeing what she could do to improve things around the ship. Maybe if she kept busy enough people wouldn't notice her absence, that seemed safer than trying to think of a way to answer their questions.

Though on a ship this size hiding wasn't the easiest thing to manage...