Insomnia 2

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Re: Insomnia 2

Alisha rose from the table, there would be no argument this time, she was too tired, and too worn to argue anymore. Fearing of looking rude she clutched her chocolates in one hand, and left her half-finished coffee on the table to go cold. She hesitated briefly, still feeling a little awkward, before resting her hand on Burton’s shoulder as she walked past where he was sitting. “Goodnight William” she spoke softly.

Reaching McNally, the young doctor wrapped her arms around his chest and hugged him tightly “Thank you…” she mumbled in his ear, holding onto him for a few more seconds before releasing him. By sending them to bed, he had just prevented the awkward small talk that would surely follow now they have, at least verbally made up.

Alisha left the room, waving goodnight to the pair, but before heading to McNally’s bunk, she made a stop off at her infirmary. “It’s not going to be a habit…” she mumbled to herself, darting inside of the door and checking her inventory list pinned up on the wall.
“Lormetazepam Lorazepam Loprazolam Clomethiazole, injectable, injectable… ah.. this one?”

Quickly rummaging through the cupboards, careful not to disturb the carefully positioned bottles and boxes, Alisha soon found what she sought after, pulling out a small bottle she checked the label briefly. Benzodiazepines. “Insomnia be gone.” Quickly and deliberately she in capped the bottle and tipped the maximum dosage into her left hand. She closed her eyes, It’s so easy to jump from one addiction to another.. “This isn’t going to become a habit… just this one time, to help me sleep… Just once…” She whispered, swallowing the small white pills and replacing the bottle to its rightful place.

Reaching McNally’s room, she could just start to feel the effects starting to take their hold. She crawled under his blankets, pulling them all the way up to her chin, she felt safe here, there was no drawful of alcohol to mock her, and Reevers wouldn’t dare come banging on McNally’s door! Alisha smiled as she felt the weight of the small ginger cat alight on the bed, “Goodnight Socs” she whispered as he padded up the length of the bunk to make himself comfortable.

Closing her eyes, she could start to feel herself drift off, into what she hoped was a dreamless sleep.
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Re: Insomnia 2

It's always time to eat chocolate. He thought to himself.
"Night." He said with a smile as Alisha passed, placing his hand over hers on his shoulder.
In a few moments he was the only one left in the mess room, McNally having headed up to the bridge, and Alisha to his room.
Finishing his coffee he got up and took all the cups over to the sink and washed them.
"You're an idiot." He told himself as he put the cups away before heading to his room and getting into bed. Lying looking up at the ceiling he played the conversation over and over in his head. The awful things he'd said, and what he should have said when he apologised.
"It's over, stop thinking about it. It only makes things worse." He ordered himself, but this was one order he was having trouble keeping.
In the morning he'd go and ask her for supplies for his field kit. While it was just a transfer from one ship to another and there where plenty of supplies on the Fuil he never liked leaving the ship without a full kit.
This transfer was going to work out, she was going to get her own infirmary, and he was going to get his back. Well it was on a different ship, but still.
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