The Shepherd's Sermon

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Re: The Shepherd's Sermon

McNally looked up slowly, frowning as Alisha raised her mug. ‘Congratulations Lock, Captain,’ she said. McNally’s eyes went to Lock and he rubbed his beard thoughtfully. ‘I heard salvage and rescue, right?’ McNally asked. Lock nodded, stiffening slightly as the fist-fighter rose slowly and circled to him, fist clenched. For a moment no one seemed to be breathing as McNally looked ready to square up to the shepherd, but the clenched fist opened slowly and reach towards Lock. ‘Then I’ll be shakin’ the new Captain’s hand.’ As Lock shook McNally smiled slightly and added. ‘You’re still gonna find me callin’ you Padre, mind!’
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Re: The Shepherd's Sermon

"Never was one for being an officer, McNally, rather not be called 'Captain'" Lock confessed. "Reagan is the Captain in my book, I'm just doing the job, I were a Sergeant and the Verse knows what Non-Com's think of officers!" He smiled.
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