Aftermath of Higgin's Moon

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Re: Aftermath of Higgin's Moon

Burton sat at the table, the thumb of one hand massaging the knuckles of the other. They hurt, but he felt better for it. He'd vented his frustration and anger on the poor punch bag. It hadn't been elegant or controlled, his training was years out of date and he was out of practise. Something he decided to remedy.
Now he was thinking straighter he wondered what Lock had to say, and why Regan had been so quiet.
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Re: Aftermath of Higgin's Moon

McNally reached the mess deck and poured himself a cup of coffee, leaning against the counter. Chai was pre-occupied, Kid was quiet and Burton was nursing sore knuckles. Regan and Lock nodded to him as they arrived. 'Cap'n, Padre,' McNally remarked, noting a play of emotions on Lock's face. 'Looks like we're waitin' on Marshall and Alisha. They should be along presently.'
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Re: Aftermath of Higgin's Moon

Alisha made her way back to the mess deck, she was frowning slightly when she entered, her brow pinched together with something on her mind. It was interesting how one small element that upset her could make her so thirsty almost instantly. The doctor poured herself a coffee, and didn't realise till she felt the emptiness that her hand had automatically moved for her hip flask.
Catching McNally's eyes, she smiled, vaguely trying to hide her slip up. Claymore had gotten to her, she wasn't even sure how she felt, but she had told him what he Wanted to hear, what he needed to hear... But maybe not what she needed to say.
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