Meeting Around the Dinner Table

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Meeting Around the Dinner Table

His plate carefully stacked with food and a mug of tea steaming gently from the table Hal looks around the dining room. His minds-eye flickers with the size of the space, comparing it to the memories of various mess halls, ships canteen's and bars as his other senses instinctively feel for the give away ticks of balance from the motion of the Thorn itself, coasting through the black carrying them... away? to? He wasn't sure, it was yet another question to ask and the list was getting longer. He brought his focus back to the Captain. Chai wasn't yet 'his' Captain, but that was really semantics, he'd treated Hal as if he were part of the crew and the less cynical part of Hal wasn't expecting to end up with a bill for the medical costs. That thought brought a slight twist of a smile to one side of Hal's lips, no time like the present after all.

"Whilst you've got a moment, do you mind business over dinner?" He gestures to both of their plates and shrugs, "and I want to thank you for bringing me with you. It's not the best first impression to be carried aboard bleeding all over your nice clean ship. Maybe second impression." Lifting his cup to take a careful sip of the hot liquid Hal continues "I think the conversation we had before was a good one. There's potential in it, but I want to make sure that you're getting your end," he reaches into a pocket and produces a selection of crumpled and mildly bloodstained bills, "hmmm, maybe I clean them first. But how much do I owe you for this?" Hal gestures at the bandages, the plate and the ship itself, "if we're working together I want to start square, if I can. Nothing against you or yours, I know you and Kidd saved my life and I won't be forgetting that, but lets just say last time I wake up to a bill bigger than I could afford." He shakes his head, "nothing you need to worry about though."

"You mentioned refitting a shuttle port on the Thorn, ya. What I hear Black Rose is three ships, might be worth seeing if it's an easy fix to fit all of them so we can dock, makes us more flexible for you. And..." he taps his temples, "means if it's really simple, you can rent us out to other ships on short term contracts. We buckle up to them, keep our costs low, but they pay the premium for the safety of having us there 'if' they need us." He pauses again and raises both hands as if to cut himself off, "but that's really thinking ahead. Being pragmatic, what can I do for you here, both with and without a Barracuda? Don't sugar coat it, if you can't make use of me if I can't bring a gunship to bear, then that's just how things play out. Better we're up front about it, I've had worse in the past few days after all." He winks to punctuate the point and drops his hands to the table and the warm mug once more.
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Re: Meeting Around the Dinner Table

Listening to the beat up pilot Chai nods gesturing to the seat next to him, a wry smile crossing his face at the mention of medical bills, "I doubt Alisha would take it too kindly if I started charging folks we consider friends for stitching 'em back up together when needed." Chuckling softly he adds, "At least without prior arrangement ..."

A moment of curiosity adjusts his expression at the mention of past debts but Chai shrugs it off. All the crew have their secrets himself included, he trusted that Hal had taken care of this particular brand of misfortune. It was only undue risk that put his crew and his ship in unnecessary danger that concerned him and this felt a long way from that.

Letting the man finish he took in all that Hal had to say and considered it thoughtfully before replying, "Still need to discuss the details in full with Locke, he may be first mate of my ship but is also now the last founder of Black Rose Space Freight. Gives him final say on what affects the fleet, and I would need to speak to the Captains of the individual ships on what modifications they might want. I suspect it would depend of if the docking facilities could accommodate both or just one ship. But I'm sure Kid will have those answers for us soon so we can develop the idea."

He offers a warm smile, "As far as the Thorn is concerned there's options both with and without fighter support. We currently only have the one pilot, Wren. He's a good 'un but also flies the medivac shuttle, a second pilot would far from go amiss, plus I picked up you're familiar with some specialist weapons. Also a skill that's useful far more often than I'd like. If you feel as the Thorn could be home for you, there's room here for you." He let the words hang for a moment before turning to the practicalities of business, "If you do end up with access to a fighter then I was thinking perhaps we could offer you food, a bunk and a base to fly from in addition to such facilities the Thorn has, in return either a 25% cut of profit from jobs you pull and your skills should we need 'em or a flat passenger rate and docking facility hire. I'm open to discussion. O'course any paid work you join us on will get you your fair cut."

Taking a sip of coffee he admits, "I've got plans for the Thorn but credits have been tight since we picked her up. We're keepin' on flyin' and she's kept in fine shape but there's little left for modifications or improvements. We're not the kind of crew that will take on any job without checking on who's going to end up sufferin' for it, an' that can hit us in the wallet."
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Re: Meeting Around the Dinner Table

Hal's smile widens as Chai calls him a friend and he raises his tea in thanks as the Captain chuckles about the medical bills. And then sips at it slowly his brow creasing into thought, but not concern, as Chai continues. The set up was a more complicated one than Hal'd imagined and expected, but by the sounds of it it wouldn't get in the way of working with the Thorn at the very least, and well that was a damn sight better than switching ship every few months to make enough to stay fed. He eye'd the spread of the meal, well-fed might even be the future. Re-running the last sentence in his head to make sure he'd not missed it in his moment of thought Hal nods, a smile echoing Chai's crossing his lips as the other man lets the words hang. Hal doesn't interject, letting the practicalities roll on from the Captain, nodding slightly, his mug raised to his lips.

As Chai finishes on the note of sobriety, Hal nods again, "that I can understand. Cards on table, so to speak, I prefer to do the same. Travelling solo on the other hand, not as easy to do, and I can only not eat for so many days. It'll be good to.." he pauses struggling for the words slightly, then shrugs, "be able to be slightly less pragmatic. But as you knows," he smiles at that, "fighters not built to transport puppies. So I, perhaps used to being," the smile fades, "very pragmatic. You understand yes?"

He waits for a moment to watch Chai's reaction, then his face softens and he continues again, "straight away I want to say, you have made every effort to make this be a place I could add to home. So thank you. And if a Barracuda never happens I think I would like to take you up on that, though you might get sick of me asking to try and get a Barracuda," he chuckles and continues, "if you're happy with two pilots, and your man Wren isn't going to feel toes are being stepped on, then as long as I get to fly something pretty regularly I'm happy. Whilst I'm sure the cut of normal work is fair, just so I know, do you do shares or is it all in a pot? Is the split dependent on 'rank', time with the crew, that sort of thing?"

"As for when," Hal wags a finger firmly forward to emphasise the word, "I get my hands on a Barracuda - or a gunship of some kind I suppose - those terms seem pretty sensible. However my dear departed mother would always say 'Hayri if you don't haggle, no matter how good the offer is, you'll never know where the going rate is shifting' and though it is a good offer, I would not be being a good son if I didn't follow her advice." Winking Hal takes a sip of his tea to stifle the smile playing across his lips, then in his most serious and business-like tone he says, "well you see Captain, twenty-five percent is not a bad rate, and you're hardly being over-eager, but I think we can both appreciate the additional costs of running a military-grade interceptor far from consistent resupply, and that's going to eat into my overheads quite considerably. So assuming I'm arranging my own ship resupply, and it's not impacting your fuel costs, I think we could perhaps agree that twenty-two and a half percent, with a two and half percent reduction following a job for yourself, is not unreasonable?" Hal steeples his fingers in front of him as he finishes, his elbow on the table and the corners of his lips twitching ever so slightly as he works to keep him face deadpan.

"Oh and then, next time we're planet side the drinks for yourself, Kidd and Alisha are mine to get."

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